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Neue Trainingstage
Samstag, den 19. November 2016 um 20:48 Uhr

neuer Trainingstag 19.2. Es sind noch 2 freie Plätze beim Training von Tereza frei :)

Sonntag, den 21. August 2016 um 19:13 Uhr

In case I am not really using the website anymore and I am maybe a bit too lazy to update it so often, I will probably change it only into an infosite with seminars, offers, little bit about us and as a contact site for those without facebook.

All news from competitions and co you will find on Facebook only :-)

So lets see what will be here in the future :-D


Donnerstag, den 04. Februar 2016 um 18:59 Uhr

Ich plane für 27. + 28. Februar einen Trainingsvormittag und/oder -nachmittag.

Falls jemand Interesse hat, bitte eine E-Mail an Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. schreiben :)

Magna Racino 2016
Mittwoch, den 27. Januar 2016 um 19:58 Uhr

Well, I would say it wasn´t our best weekend so far, especially not with Cody, he had in each run some stupid mistakes... and so we couldn´t finish 5 runs without a mistake - good point is, we just can improve.

Jack was a little bit more successfull. On friday he reached the 2nd Place in the Jumping and qualified for the final on sunday. Next day he did one more good run in the Jumping but dropped the last bar. On sunday I wanted to sell him after the final run. He got crazy and didnt do anything I wanted, so I stopped in the middle of the run and left the course. In the A3 run, I took the advice from Tereza and went only with food to the start, to keep him more calm. Actually that worked very well until the half of the course and after an almost refusal it got a bit more hectic again, but we managed a clean run and got 6th.

Hope we can improve for the next Magna Racino :P.

A small video of the 4 best, taped, runs (2 of each dog) you can find here:

New Seminar
Dienstag, den 19. Januar 2016 um 20:24 Uhr
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